Troubleshooting A Car Muffler Leak: A Car Owner’s Guide

Mufflers are some of the most overlooked yet crucial parts of a car's exhaust system. Exhaust systems can be quite loud due to the noises from the engine. Car mufflers are designed to reduce the noise levels in the exhaust system. But that's not all. The mufflers also ensure that all the gases produced in the exhaust system are safely directed outside. However, just like many other mechanical parts in your car, the muffler may develop an issue or two at some point. Read More 

4 Useful Optional Extras To Consider When Buying A Enclosed Car Trailer

An enclosed car trailer is an incredibly robust and versatile piece of equipment and will provide much more protection for the vehicles you transport than a less-expensive, open trailer. However, an enclosed car trailer doesn't have to be just a big metal box on wheels, and many trailer models can be equipped with a number of optional features. While a few of these optional extras are little more than expensive curiosities, many can be extremely useful, particularly if you make extensive use of your trailer or you use it to tow race cars and other expensive vehicles. Read More