4 Useful Optional Extras To Consider When Buying A Enclosed Car Trailer

An enclosed car trailer is an incredibly robust and versatile piece of equipment and will provide much more protection for the vehicles you transport than a less-expensive, open trailer. However, an enclosed car trailer doesn't have to be just a big metal box on wheels, and many trailer models can be equipped with a number of optional features.

While a few of these optional extras are little more than expensive curiosities, many can be extremely useful, particularly if you make extensive use of your trailer or you use it to tow race cars and other expensive vehicles. If you are looking for a new enclosed car trailer, consider choosing a model with the following useful features.

In-trailer air conditioning

An enclosed car trailer provides a handy sheltered area to perform maintenance and repairs on the vehicles you transport, so you may find yourself personally spending a lot of time inside your new trailer. Unfortunately, the interiors of enclosed trailers can become extremely hot during the day, especially if the trailer is exposed to the sun.

If you anticipate spending a lot of time in your new trailer while you tune and maintain your cars, you should invest in an enclosed trailer with a built-in air conditioning system. While these optional AC units aren't cheap, they can be a lifesaver during the summer months for both you and any crew members who work on your vehicles.

Underside inspection hatch

A trapdoor-style inspection hatch in the bottom of a single-car enclosed trailer can provide useful access to the underside of your vehicle without you having to disembark.

These hatches can be very useful for quickly fixing coolant leaks, improper tyre pressure and other minor vehicle problems. Choosing an enclosed trailer with an inspection hatch and high ground clearance essentially turns your trailer into a mobile car lift, allowing you to comfortably work underneath a loaded vehicle for extended periods in a safe, sheltered location.

Get-out door

One disadvantage of choosing an enclosed trailer is that they make it difficult to get out of a vehicle once you have driven it into the trailer. You can avoid this problem by choosing an enclosed trailer fitted with a get-out door, a small hatch located over the driver's side wheel well that can only be opened from inside the trailer. Get-out doors make it easy to get out of a recently loaded vehicle without compromising the security of your trailer.

Roof observation deck

Choosing an enclosed trailer with a strengthened roof and rooftop observation deck gives you and your crew members a convenient elevated viewing platform that can be transported almost anywhere. These optional decks are particularly popular with race teams, as they give crew members and mechanics a convenient place to watch the performance of their drivers and vehicles on the track.

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