Your Free Guide To Selecting Flat Top Trailers

Do you require heavy haulage for your heavy equipment or machinery? Flat top trailers are an option worth considering. They are adaptable and have excellent off-ground storage. They are also simple to load and unload. However, if you do not know what to look for, selecting a flat top trailer can be a daunting task. Unfortunately, the wrong flat top trailers can make your heavy haulage project expensive and inconvenient. For this reason, here are some quick tips to help you choose the right flat top trailer.

Think About The Size

Heavy equipment and machinery come in different sizes. Similarly, flat top trailers come in different sizes to accommodate various cargo requirements. And while trailers are designed with the versatility to accommodate various load sizes and shapes, the dimensions of your cargo will play a critical role in your choice of flat top trailer. When doing this, think about the length and the width. For instance, farm items like tractors, seeders, and spreaders will require a wide flat-top trailer. On the other hand, longer ones like containers will require extendable flat top trailers. For safety and efficiency reasons, you must match your trailer size with the cargo you intend to transport. Therefore, determine the size of your largest cargo to help you find the right flat top trailer for your application.

Consider Load Capacity

Flat top trailers, like cargo size, can only support loads up to a certain weight. Therefore, knowing the weight of your cargo will help you choose a trailer with the appropriate load capacity. Similarly, matching the total weight of your cargo to the load or carrying capacity of the trailer will help you avoid accidents. Putting heavier loads on a trailer than it was designed for can also damage it, including the engine, trailer bed or deck, and other critical trailer components.

Consider Your Needs

Flat top trailers come in different designs to suit specific needs. Do you, for example, have considerably heavy cargo? Heavy-duty steel decks or beds would be ideal. Most flat top trailers are not generally designed with sides. However, if you require one with sides for added support for your cargo, for instance, you can look for one designed that way. Perhaps you'd like to unload your cargo more quickly. Choosing a flat top trailer with removable drop sides or one with a tiltable deck (depending on the cargo) can help you unload your cargo more easily.