Top Advantages of Taking Your Car for a Dyno Tuning Session

Taking your car to a dyno tuning centre is one way to measure its output, including aspects like engine torque, horsepower and fuel mixture. You can determine and change numerous things through the dyno tuning process. This highly specialised and technical process is crucial when planning to increase your ride's efficiency, performance and engine life to optimum levels. 

If you are still contemplating whether to take your vehicle for dyno tuning, here are some benefits you can consider:

Increased Engine Performance 

Vehicle manufacturers design unique car models featuring distinctive engine sizes and emission regulations. Most tend to limit their vehicles' engine power to conform to global automotive standards. As a result, this allows them to produce newer car models with slightly powerful engines without altering the original type. Through dyno tuning, car owners can have their vehicle's ECM (engine control module) or ECU (electronic control unit) settings tweaked to gain optimum engine performance levels without damaging the engine. 

Excellent Fuel Consumption 

During a dyno session, air-fuel settings can be readjusted to maximise a car's overall efficiency. Thus, if you are struggling with a vehicle with excessive fuel consumption, dyno tuning will assist rectify the problem. Your dyno tuner will ensure that every drop of gas in the engine chamber undergoes complete combustion to avert fuel wastage. With optimal performance, your car will be taking the shortest time to shift into a higher gear. Consequently, this helps prevent fuel wastage by utilising lower gears when driving. 

Cost-Effective Vehicle Modification Alternative

One alternative way to increase your vehicle's performance is by outfitting it with aftermarket fuel, air and exhaust systems. Such parts are relatively expensive than a dyno tune. Another option apart from outfitting with aftermarket parts is overhauling the engine with high-performance parts. For instance, installing performance camshafts, larger turbo, enhanced intercoolers and newer engine blocks are some alternatives to boost performance. These modifications are expensive, but you can achieve the same with a dyno tuning session, which is less costly. Dyno tuning is among the most cost-effective methods to achieve significant power gains for your car.  

Identifies Underlying Automotive Issues

Finally, thorough inspections are conducted before any dyno tunning session to determine whether your car is ready for dyno tuning. They assist in identifying potential hidden issues that can develop into adverse problems in the future. For example, cracked engine blocks can result in oil leakage, overheating, and deterioration of interior components. Additionally, dyno tuners can help identify faulty sensors, transmission problems and cooling system malfunctions. After that, they'll complete appropriate repairs before initiating a dyno tune.