3 Lesser-known Benefits of Moulded Car Carpets

Most motorists spend more time tweaking their car system, forgetting that other parts require as much attention. A car floor is particularly one area that receives less attention, and most motorists only think about it when clear signs of wear appear. If you want to spend minimal time thinking about protecting your car's floor, you need a quality carpet. You can never go wrong with moulded car carpets because they fit snug in your car, and the right colour choice enhances your car's interior. However, there are other subtle but equally important benefits of installing moulded car carpets, and this post highlights a few. 

Heat Insulation — A car's frame and chassis are primarily made of metal, ensuring structural integrity and protecting lives during a collision. However, cars have several heat sources, which can make the flooring somewhat uncomfortable. Metal is an excellent conductor of heat, and the lack of proper insulation might affect your driving experience. Quality moulded car carpets offer unrivalled thermal insulation, allowing you to drive even with bare feet. Moreover, moulded car carpets fit snug on the floor, leaving no space for heat transmission from the floor to the cabin. Consequently, your air conditioning system does not have to work hard to cool your cabin.

Sound Dampening — Moving car parts like axles and wheels are a common source of noise from the undercarriage, especially when driving in rough terrain. The resulting vibrations are transmitted inside a car's cabin, making for an unpleasing driving experience. While quality suspensions can limit the intensity of vibrations, they do not dampen the noise entirely from stones and pebbles hitting a vehicle's underside. Moulded car carpets actively suppress all the noise from a car's underside, ensuring that you have a smooth and noiseless ride. If you couple moulded car carpets with quality shocks and noise-cancelling tyres, it is possible to sleep throughout a rough ride.

Anchor Point for Floor Mats — Layering a car floor is a common practice among motorists today. It allows for visual appeal and ease of maintenance. However, if you plan to layer your car's floor with car mats, ensure that the carpet provides adequate anchoring. It allows car mats to stay on top of a carpet securely for a better driving experience. Moulded car carpets are thick enough for anti-slip fixing retainers or clips to sink deep. Ultimately, quality moulded car carpets keep your mats from sliding up under the pedals.