A Guide On How To Purchase A Ute Drawer System

Do you need a ute drawer system for your 4WD? These drawers are an excellent storage option and the best way to manage clutter in your 4WD. Below is a guide detailing the considerations you should make when purchasing a ute drawer system. 

Drawer Configuration

Consider the following when choosing the drawer configuration: 

  • What dimensions do you need? The size of your pickup tray or SUV boot will determine the size of the drawer system.
  • What will you be ferrying? 
  • How many compartments do you need? You could opt for a single drawer with several compartments. Alternatively, the system could have two drawers, each with its own compartments.
  • Do you need extras on the drawer system? For instance, you could incorporate steel shelving or a pull-out bench that can be used as a cooking or seating space. 

Weight Limits

Ute drawer systems have a specified weight limit. Check this specification to know how much weight you can store in the drawer. Ideally, the drawer should have a larger weight limit than what you need. This is a sure way to accommodate your future storage needs. 

Build Quality

Ute drawer systems can be made from aluminium, plywood, or steel. Plywood drawers are cheap and light. Besides, they easily absorb sound when carrying metallic items. Consider treated plywood that is resistant to water and pest damage. Aluminium drawers are lighter and more durable than plywood drawers. However, they can be expensive. Steel is an ideal choice for people that want a rigid drawer system that will last for years. The drawback of steel drawers is that they are heavy.

Assess the finish of the drawers. For example, they might be wrapped in an automotive carpet to ensure they blend with your vehicle's interior. Besides, the drawers should be easily detachable. Remember, you might want to clean the drawers or remove them as you sell your truck. The locking system should be fully functional. Go for crash-tested drawers. This helps prevent injuries and car damage in case of an accident. The drawers must be water-resistant. This is especially important if you intend to install them in your pickup truck. 

Terms Of Purchase

Conduct some research to identify companies that manufacture high-quality ute drawer systems. Compare the quotes of the various companies to ensure you do not purchase an overpriced drawer system. Remember to assess the terms of sale. For instance, will the seller perform custom modifications? Will they install the drawers for free? As a rule, the ute drawer system should have a warranty. 

When you are purchasing ute drawer systems, decide on the desired configuration and check the weight limits, build quality and purchase terms.