Which mat is best for your 4WD vehicle?

When the outside of your vehicle is dirty, then you can clean it with soap and water. When the inside is dirty, it is not always so easy to fix. One of the parts of a car which gets the most grubby is the footwell. The floor of your 4WD vehicle has to cope with all of the dust and dirt that collects on your feet and transfers to vehicle. This can be a particular problem if you do a lot of your driving in rural areas where you will not be walking on paved surfaces. Car manufacturers have known that this is a problem for many years and most cars come with floor mats as standard. The difficulty is that most of these mats are generic in nature and won't fit your car that well. Here are two reasons that you should consider 3D 4WD mats as an alternative to standard mats.

What's wrong with rubber mats?

When you buy a new car, it will often be supplied with rubber mats as standard. These mats do offer some level of protection against dirt, but they also come with problems. The rubber mats may be placed neatly in the footwell at the start of your journey, but they won't stay there. They will slide around during every journey and could even get stuck under your pedals causing an accident. Additionally, since they only partially cover the floor, much of the grime will either be missed by the mat or will roll off the mat over time.

What are the advantages of 3D 4WD mats?

When you want to protect the floor of your 4WD, then a 3D mat offers plenty of advantages. A 3D mat will be a good fit for the contours of your vehicle so there won't be any unprotected areas where you could put your feet and bring dirt into the vehicle. Not only do the mats fit your 4WD well but they will stay exactly where they are put without moving around and becoming a hazard. A final advantage of these mats is their 3D nature. Since raised edges of the mat mean that any dirt that is collected on the mat will stay on the mat until you have the opportunity to remove it, helping to keep your vehicle cleaner for longer. To find out how to purchase 3D 4WD mats talk to a supplier today.