Three questions to ask your 4WD service centre

If you are planning a trip in your 4WD vehicle, you must be sure that the vehicle is in great shape before you start. You can't risk being stranded a long way from home with a vehicle that refuses to move. The best way to ensure that your vehicle is going to remain reliable throughout the duration of your trip is to get it properly serviced before you start. Look for a company that offers 4WD services and talk to them about completing a full service of your vehicle. Here are three questions that you should ask any 4WD service centre before you let them examine your vehicle.

Do you have the right staff?

A good 4WD services company will have knowledgeable and skilled mechanics available to examine every aspect of the vehicle. They will be able to offer regular services as well as custom servicing for 4WD vehicles that are used for major trips in specific environmental conditions. Experienced staff will be able to service the vehicle according to the manufacturer's specifications. They will also be able to offer specific service requirements relating to the way you use your vehicle that will lengthen the life of your 4WD and keep you comfortable and safe in your vehicle for longer.

Do you use the right parts?

To ensure that your 4WD is maintained in optimal condition, all of the replacement parts which are fitted to the vehicle must be genuine parts which have been created according to the manufacturer's original specifications. While generic replacement parts may appear to do the same job, it is rare that they can be especially the same since they will have been created with a range of vehicles in mind, and there will inevitably have been compromises to make them suitable for different manufacturers vehicles.

Do you have sufficient stock?

If a company regularly provides 4WD services, then they should have a full range of manufacturer replacement parts in stock. If you want your vehicle to be serviced quickly, it can be frustrating to have it sitting in the service centre waiting for the right parts to be sent by the manufacturer. A good 4WD service centre will carry stock from all of the major manufacturers, allowing them to carry out transmission repairs, brake repairs, turbo and intercooler repairs and anything else you might need without a delay caused by waiting for parts to arrive.